is a Bird Feeder brand founded by a burnt-out, corporate-ladder climber whose real identity was a bird lover and nature enthusiast.


He spent a lot of time studying the various living habits of birds and tried all different ways to get close to the feathered friends.


As the years flew by, he came up with an idea to design different kinds of vintage yet modern bird feeders to bring them to his backyard. He gave away the products he made by himself for free to his family and friends.


The idea of bird feeders grew bigger and bigger each year and more and more people were attracted to the beautiful yet durable designs. This drove him to bring his design to everyone’s backyard. This bring us here.


With bird’s safety and the planet’s environment in mind, all of our products use environmentally friendly materials, green and no toxic. They are super easy to use, will surely bring a lot of joy to your family and loved pets.


Always, we love hearing from our customers. Comments, stories about feeding, digital photos, critiques, questions all are welcome here at LujiiGarden. And yes, you will hear back from us!


If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to support@lujiigarden.com


Best wishes for enjoying your backyard birds!


The LujiiGarden Family